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The Divorce Podcast

The Divorce Podcast explores divorce, break-ups and co-parenting from different angles. Countering the often sensationalist way it is portrayed in the media and offering a pragmatic and helpful space for those who are navigating a separation.

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July 9, 2018
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The guests discuss divorce and parenting and the challenges couples face when transitioning from parent to co-parent, as well as the skills and knowledge parents need to enable a positive co-parenting relationship

The legal bit
June 19, 2018
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Internation Family Laywer, David Hodson, joins Kate to discuss the current divorce laws in England and Wales and if they are fit for purpose.

The legal bit
May 9, 2018
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Jeremy Gordon, Rabbi of New London Synagogue, Thomas Pascoe, Campaign Director at the Coalition for Marriage, and Isabel Russo, Head of Ceremonies at Humanists UK, join Kate for this inaugural episode of the Divorce Podcast. In this edition, they discuss divorce in our society, and whether, as society changes, divorce laws should change too; the current system of divorce, and how it affects couples looking to separate; whether No Fault divorce serves to help or hinder the most vulnerable people in our society; and the role of religious institutions and their leaders.

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Kate is a divorce expert, entrepreneur and co-founder of UK's most trust divorce service, amicable, founded after her own expensive and traumatic divorce. Kate was shocked by how much time and money the divorce took and the hurt it inflicted on her whole family, leading to her decision to find a way to enable couples to divorce differently.

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