The legal bit
June 19, 2018
31 MIN

Episode #2: Today’s Divorce laws – fit for purpose? A discussion with David Hodson OBE

Internation Family Laywer, David Hodson, joins Kate to discuss the current divorce laws in England and Wales and if they are fit for purpose.

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In this episode, we discuss how divorce has changed over the years and how expectations of our new generation clash with the expectations of the past. The case for no-fault divorce. The conceptuality of marriage and divorce. The options for a new way to divorce and what we can learn from other countries. The power of reflection periods. How technology is changing the divorce process. Mediation – the government has invested heavily in promoting mediate, so why hasn’t it taken off? The benefits and downsides of the range of current ways to get divorced.

Please note: this episode was recorded before the introduction of no-fault divorce in England and Wales, and may mention the previous legal system. For accurate information on the legal process of divorce, please visit

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