The emotional journey

Episode #26: I want a divorce but my partner doesn't with Relate

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The emotional journey
July 13, 2021

Episode #26: I want a divorce but my partner doesn't with Relate

Kate is joined by two Relate therapists who share advice on how to end a relationship if one person doesn't want it to be over.

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This episode is about the beginning of a separation. The difficult bit when one of you knows the relationship is over but the other person isn't ready to move forwards. Our guests are Relate counsellors, Dee Holmes and Peter Saddington.

Relate is known as ‘the relationship people’, specialising in counselling for every type of relationship including marriage counselling, LGBT issues, divorce and parenting.

Dee Holmes has worked for Relate since 1997 and trained as a couple counsellor initially and then as a family, young persons and children’s counsellor. Dee has worked in schools and colleges (from 5 to 18 age group) delivering counselling and have often heard and seen the effect of parental conflict around separation can have on young people.

Dee’s current role is part of the team that oversees the clinical governance in Relate , she is also the clinical lead for safeguarding and the lead for children and young people at Relate.

Peter Saddington is an experienced relationship counsellor and sex therapist who also has experience in family counselling and addiction therapy. Peter has worked for Relate since 1994 and works with couples and individuals who are going through separation as well counselling people through re-building relationships. Peter’s clients can be aged anything from 16 with his oldest client being 93.