During this episode, Kate is joined by Divorce Coaches Sara Davison and Rhiannon Ford as they discuss when and how to tell your children you're getting divorced.

Sara is a break-up expert, divorce coach and best-selling author. Sara launched her break - up retreats back in 2016 and her mission is to banish stigma around divorce. Rhiannon is a divorce consultant, and was previously a family lawyer, and left the profession to support people with more practical help and emotional support.

The trio discuss when and how to tell your children, how to tailor the conversation for different ages and stages, how to support your child in the early stages of separating, how to spot if your child isn't coping well with the news and the change.

Please note: this episode was recorded before the introduction of no-fault divorce in England and Wales, and may mention the previous legal system. For accurate information on the legal process of divorce, please visit amicable.co.uk