The breakdown of a relationship is tough and putting a brave face on at work or using work as distraction is the default position for many people. Recent research revealed that a staggering 1 in 10 people leave their job after a divorce or separation and 56% of employees say their work could do more to support them with mental health struggles. In this episode, Kate and her guests discuss what can be done in the work place to look after people's mental health generally and when navigating difficult life moments like a break-up.

In this episode, Kate is joined by Petra Velzboer and Gareth Jones.

Petra’s expertise and passion in mental health in the workplace stems from her own personal experience battling mental illness and struggling with cultural and circumstantial challenges. After being raised in a religious cult without any access to formal education, her story and climb from rock bottom have inspired thousands to better understand how to improve mental health for themselves and others.

Gareth is a passionate HR practitioner with multi sector experience including technology, media, design, and luxury consumer with over 14 years’ expertise working with some of the markets leading start-up and growth businesses.

Please note: this episode was recorded before the introduction of no-fault divorce in England and Wales, and may mention the previous legal system. For accurate information on the legal process of divorce, please visit